February 19, 2017

Quick and Nutritious Breakfast Ideas for Busy Families #MOMMotivationalMami

As moms we lead busy lives. Our days consist of caring for children, transporting them to and from school, doctor’s appointments, extracurricular activities and to do all of it requires quite a bit of energy. Not to mention, many of us are working or students continuing our education. These busy days are why it is important for all of us to eat a healthy breakfast.

The following are some of the healthy and quick breakfasts I make for my family. They look time consuming but I assure you, each meal takes 15 minutes or less to prepare. In order to ensure we have time to enjoy our breakfast, I make sure I wake the kids up an hour and 30 minutes before we have to leave. They have 30 minutes to eat and an hour to get dressed and ready to leave. Eating breakfast with your children, is a great way to make some memories with them.

Frozen Waffles/Pancakes
I am a huge fan of frozen waffles and pancakes. You can prepare a big batch and freeze them yourself or you can buy some at your supermarket. They don’t take long to heat up, and while they’re cooking you can focus on the side food such as fruit or a protein. I’ve even heard of people using waffles in the place of bread, to make breakfast sandwiches.

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Eggs with Sausage and Toast
I microwave the sausage links first, and while those are cooking I will scramble eggs. Egg beaters in the carton also save you time (no egg cracking). Serve some fresh fruit on the side and you’re done.

Toast with Bananas
This meal has become a favorite of mine recently. On a slice of toast, drizzle some honey and top with sliced bananas. You can also add some dried cranberries to sweeten it up. It isn’t exactly a balanced breakfast on its own, so I’d make sure to add some protein somewhere on the side. Greek yogurt with granola, peanut butter instead of honey, or scrambled eggs. There are so many options with this!

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Cold or Hot Cereal with Berries
Days when I’m running a little behind schedule, I will pour my children a bowl of Cheerios and top with a handful of blueberries. Occasionally, when I have more time and they want cereal I will add raspberries or top with bananas and strawberries. Strawberries take more time to clean than blueberries, so I save those for weekends. You can use frozen berries or even dried berries, and that will cut the prep time down even more, but nothing compares to fresh berries. I also love Quaker’s 1 minute oatmeal. I buy the big container of oats, and I prepare a pot of oatmeal in the morning. It is inexpensive and healthy!

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For more healthy recipes:

 Enjoy Breakfast!

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Gabie Ocasio, Motivational Mami Contributor and Northeast Family & Travel Contributing Columnist

Gabie Ocasio, Motivational Mami Contributor and Northeast Family & Travel Contributing Columnist

“Motivational Mami with Gabie Ocasio“, is a regular parenting, family lifestyle and travel contribution. She is also the Northeast Family and Travel Contributing Columnist. Gabie offers advice, tips, resources and inspirational motivation on a range of topics including, family living, parenting (TWO sets of twins as a single parent) and being a Latina Mami. Follow Gabie on Instagram at http://instagram.com/msoisaco Questions? Ask Gabrielle at ocasio.gabrielle@gmail.com
Gabie Ocasio, Motivational Mami Contributor and Northeast Family & Travel Contributing Columnist

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