February 19, 2017

Get Help for Bad Mornings at RaceTrac

It was another typical morning in 2008…

At the time, I had 3 children – an 11 year old son and 6 month old twin baby boys.  I had recently stopped working outside of the home full-time and was trying to get accumulated to being at home full-time for the first time. Though my thoughts were also in the infancy stages of working from home as a “mompreneur”, I was basically in survival mode caring for my oldest and 2 crawling babies at the same time.

On that particular morning, I woke up a later than usual.  I am what is typically called a “morning person” and like to rise earlier than others so I can get things ready for the day.  My normal sleep cycle has me feeling sleepy by 8:30 or 9:00 PM since I was a young girl but motherhood is 24 hours a day.  I was falling sleep most days out of sheer exhaustion late in the evening.  When I woke up late that morning, everything I forgot to do the night before started to hit me like a ton of bricks.

I jumped and awoke my 11 year old son, who was minutes from missing the school bus.  I didn’t have his lunch ready and there was going to be barely any time for him to eat breakfast before the bus arrived.  As I was shoving money in his hands so he could eat breakfast and lunch at school, I heard shrieks of delight and giggles in the twins’ room.  I ran upstairs to find that the twins were already awake and seemed to have been up for a little while because their laundry was on the floor.  Although, they were 6 months old and they couldn’t stand straight without assistance, they somehow managed to spill the clean laundry (that I had forgotten to put away in their drawers the night before) from on top of the changing station that was connected to their cribs.  I still to this day don’t know how they did it but there was the former pile of folded clothes now seemingly strewn across the floor along with a strong odor of two dirty diapers coming from their little tushies.

As I hear my son opening the door and saying goodbye because the school bus was arriving, I remembered his field trip form and money was due that day and the form and money was stuffed inside my purse on the kitchen table.  As I jumped over the laundry on the floor – holding my breath to not smell the pungent odor from the twins’ dirty diapers – I hurriedly grabbed two heavy babies in each arm and began to race downstairs to see if I could catch my oldest before he made it to the bus stop.  In the process of rushing down the stairs, I didn’t notice one of the twins’ toy rattle near the end of the steps.  I stepped on it, lost some of my footing and felt my foot turn out from under me.  Thankfully, I was able to balance myself up against the corner of the wall and managed to place the twins safely on the couch before actually falling down myself.

As I sat on the floor a little dazed about what had just happened, I began to rub my throbbing ankle.  I looked up and saw the twins were looking at each other and then looking at me.  They looked totally bewildered – like they knew things were not working out this morning.  It seemed as if they were communicating with their facial expressions. In the midst of the haze (and internally laughing at myself), I grabbed my cell phone to take a quick picture to capture the funny (and somewhat disastrous) moment.  The pictures below are the faces they were making (and what I think they were thinking at that time).


We’ve all been there. Parenthood is not for the faint of heart. You go into each morning thinking you are going to conquer the day like Braveheart but end up most nights feeling like Sleepy from the Seven Dwarfs. From waking up late, missing the bus, to stepping in a puddle, sitting in endless traffic or falling down – bad mornings happen, and can sometimes leave us feeling frustrated, grumpy or down in the dumps.

Thankfully, there is some help for everyone for all weary parents and people. RaceTrac wants to give its guests good food that brings joy to their day – especially if it hasn’t started off on the right foot. While everything around you may feel like it’s falling apart, RaceTrac wants to be that bright spot in your day that goes right no matter what with good eats and smiling store team members! From six blends of fresh brewed coffee and fresh donuts delivered daily to classic roller grill items and delicious breakfast sandwiches, RaceTrac has something to make any bad morning better. Whatever the morning brings, you can count on RaceTrac to be there and cheer you up with whatever gets you going!

During that time in my life we were living in the Washington D.C. area but we now reside in Central Florida and we have 2 RaceTrac locations within 5 minutes from our home.  Our RaceTrac locations have many food and beverage choices.  From breakfast items to hot foods, everything is conveniently located so its easy to run in and get what we need.  Now as a mom of 4 boys, small business owner, content creator, caregiver helper to my parents, etc., my schedule can vary daily.  I like the various choices that are available at RaceTrac because the different options can suit my changing needs.

RaceTrac knows that sometimes you just need #WhateverGetsYouGoing in the morning – whether you crave a large coffee or a large Coca-­Cola.  People are re-­thinking breakfast and grabbing the things that get them going – that’s everything from hot dogs and sodas to egg sandwiches and coffee. There is no judging what you eat for breakfast at RaceTrac – just get #WhateverGetsYouGoing in the morning.

Mornings can be hard (especially #WorstMorningEver mornings) so check out what RaceTrac has to offer to get you ready for your day at RaceTrac.com or your nearest RaceTrac location.

P.S. If you are having a bad morning, RaceTrac has a great offer in January: buy a breakfast sandwich, get any size coffee for $0.50.

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Disclosure: This is sponsored content on behalf of RaceTrac’s #WhateverGetsYouGoing program.  All opinions stated here are our own.

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