February 21, 2017

Five Reasons to Love the Disney Vacation Club Member Lounge at Epcot

As part of the special offerings for the Disney Vacation Club’s 25th anniversary celebration, an all-new Disney Vacation Club Member Lounge will be opening on Monday, June 6th.  The lounge is for all DVC members and is located within the Imagination Pavilion in Epcot at Walt Disney World.

I attended a preview of the new DVC Member Lounge and shared some Facebook live videos on the (official FB blue check marked) Mami of Multiples Facebook Page.

1. Beautiful and Comfortable Tech-Ready Lounge

The DVC Member Lounge is artistically beautiful and colorful.  The warm and bright hues help to showcase the modern decor and very comfortable seating areas throughout the lounge.  The lounge is not only equipped with charging stations featuring plugs and USB ports for your mobile devices but also iPad Pros are available for use by all guests of the lounge. Complimentary WiFi is included as well.  If a member needs to check email, they can do so with the iPads or if they need to print out a boarding pass, they can comfortably sit at one of the available computers and use the printers.  The lounge has the convenience of a business office with the comfort of a home office.


2. Kids are Welcomed

Unlike most “adults only” lounges, children are welcomed to the DVC Member Lounge.  Within the lounge is a kids section, which features video games to play (like Disney Infinity) a TV (that will be playing favorite Disney animated shorts) and comfy kids-ready furniture (so parents won’t have to worry if kids accidentally spill something).  Including the complimentary Wi-Fi, the lounge will help to keep kids entertained.


3. Complimentary Beverage Service

DVC Member Lounge Beverage AreaMembers (and their guests) can enjoy beverages at the lounge with the complimentary beverage area that has a Keurig machine and three Coke Freestyle machines.  The Coke Freestyle machines offer over 100 different soft drink flavors so its a helpful way to beat the Florida heat or the Keurig will be a quick way to reenergize with a quick pick-me-up of coffee.


4. On-Site DVC Member Services

Want to plan your next vacation? Have questions about your current stay? The lounge will be staffed by DVC Member Services Advisors (RCI) that can assist from making a dining reservation to questions about vacation club exchanges or other DVC destinations.

5. Open Everyday
For the convenience of the members, the DVC Member Lounge will be open daily from 10AM – 6PM.  Members can bring 5 additional guests with them to the lounge.

See Ken Potrock, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Disney Vacation Club, speak about the 25th celebration and the lounge: HERE and another preview video: HERE

To learn more information, visit the DVC 25th anniversary website and DVC Member Lounge webpage.   The DVC Member Lounge is wonderful perk for DVC Members and their guests.  Its conveniences and amenities will make it a great respite and resource.


Disclaimer: Information shared here was obtained on a media preview of the Disney Vacation Club Lounge.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Eva Gomez says:

    Its looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Verna Cunningham says:

    As a DVC member, I’m excited to learn about the lounge. Can’t wait to try it out on our next Walt Disney World stay in the fall. Great info!

  3. @MamiRosado says:

    Looks beautiful!

  4. Ethel Sinclair says:

    AWESOME! We are DVC members and exchanged a trip to WDW for late this summer so I’m glad to know the lounge will be open already when we arrive.