February 19, 2017

2016 Holiday Gift Guide {Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids, Women, Men and Home}

Mami of Multiples and Mami Innovative Media
are Pleased to Present the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

As with previous guides, the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide feature gift suggestions from reputable brands to major retailers, i.e., Disney, Camp Chef, Feltman Bros., Hasbro, GourmetGiftBaskets.com, Little Tikes, Orlando Science Center, Playskool, Target and many more.
The 2016 Holiday Gift Guide showcases gift ideas for kids, women, men and the home. Products featured will receive high and sustained visibility throughout the holiday season and new year on Mami of Multiples, Mami Innovative Media and through press distribution.
The 2016 Holiday Gift Guide can be download, shared or viewed as a flipbook via the following link: http://bit.ly/MOMHolidayGifts2016.  A portion of all products received will be donated to reputable military and family charities.
Joscelyn Ramos Campbell is an award-winning blogger, digital influencer, on-air spokesperson and columnist.  She is the founder behind Mami of Multiples, one of the nation’s recognized and award-winning parenting and lifestyle sites owned by a Latina American Mom.  Joscelyn has been featured on numerous television and media outlets including CBS, NBC, NBC Latino, FOX, Univision, Telemundo, Huffington Post, CNBC to name a few. She is considered one of the top Latino social media stars and influential Hispanic American bloggers.
The “super-connected power mom” was named by LATINA Magazine as one of as one of the Best Latina Bloggers To Follow and Must Know and one of The 10 Best Latina Mom Bloggers on the Web. Joscelyn was selected in a joint venture by Disney and LATINA Magazine to be a Parenting and Family Columnist for LATINA Magazine.
As a ‘mompreneur’, she is owner of Mami Innovative Media, an acclaimed communications and digital marketing agency providing services to brands, corporations, individuals, non-profits and small businesses.
View or Share the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
by Clicking the Link: http://bit.ly/MOMHolidayGifts2016
Merry Christmas
Feliz Navidad
Happy Holidays

Let Your Skin Be Stress-Free This Holiday Season with Neutrogena Naturals

Its that time of year again…the holidays! ‘Tis the season for decorating, festive parties, family gathering, holiday meals, gift giving…its one of the busiest time of the year.

Despite all the celebratory atmosphere, the holiday season can bring a lot of stress.  The many activities, planning and preparation can wreak havoc on your body and skin.  You might actually feel like a teenager again- but not in the good sense – with unexpected breakout, pimples, acne and other hormonal ailments.  I have very sensitive skin so combine my sensitivity with a stressful period and it shows on my face immediately.  With wanting to look my best during the holidays, I’m very pleased with the outcome of using, Neutrogena Naturals, a line of natural skincare products that has actual proven results.

After years of research to identify and source naturally-derived ingredients, Neutrogena developed efficacious, natural skincare products with wonderful aesthetics so eco-minded women could have it all. Powered by specifically selected Bionutrients that work with the skin’s natural function and provide clinical skin benefits, the Neutrogena Naturals collection offers cleansers, moisturizers and a lip balm. All are allergy-tested and free of harsh chemical sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, dyes and phthalates.

Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover


Completely cleans skin and removes makeup in one step without stripping skin’s natural moisture. This Peruvian Tara seed bionutrient rich cleanser leaves skin soft and rinses clean. Developed for gentle eye area.

Why I like it… “I’m always searching for a one-step product that would eliminate the need for having to use different cleansers and removers.  Its costly having to use so many different products and extends the daily cleansing routine.  The Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover easily removed the makeup and the cleanser left my skin feeling silky clean.  Its gentle, not abrasive and left no residue on my face.”

Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

These ultra-soft wipes are clinically proven to completely remove dirt, oil and makeup, targeting even the most stubborn long-wearing and waterproof makeup. Skin is left purified, fresh and healthy-looking with no greasy residue, so there’s no need to rinse.

Why I like it: “Being a busy mom and business owner, makeup remover towelettes do help save time during the makeup and cleansing process.  However, I don’t enjoy the heavy alcohol based towelettes that leave my sensitive skin overly dry and irritated.  The Naturals Purifying Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes are soft on the skin, quickly removes dirt, oil and makeup, even stubborn makeup – like waterproof eye makeup. Only using one towelette removes 99% of makeup.  After using, my skin feels light and thoroughly clean.

As an added bonus, the towelettes contain Peruvian Tara Seed.  Rich in Vitamin C, B and complex sugars, Tara seed works within the skin to help boost moisture levels and help prevent dehydration while helping to strengthen skin’s natural moisture barrier.”

Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub


Gently scrubs away impurities and dull, dead skin cells that can build up in pores to improve complexion for fresh, clear skin. Suitable for even acne prone skin. Gentle enough for daily use. Won’t clog pores.

Why I like it“I like to use a scrub to extensively clean my skin but often can’t use them regularly because it irritates and will leave me with red, blotchy marks.  However, the Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub is very smooth and not “rough”. It gently exfoliates the skin while providing deep cleaning to unclog pores and removes any blemishes (like blackheads or pimples).  The naturally derived ingredients of coconut, castor oil, willow bark, jojoba oil leave my skin feeling smooth, even after multiple uses.”

Neutrogena Naturals Brightening Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 25


This lightweight formula with 94% naturally derived ingredients provides moisturization while skin-brightening lemon peel, an effective bionutrient, works with your skin to even skin tone in just 4 weeks. 100% naturally derived sunscreens . No harsh chemical sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, dyes, phthalates.  Clinically proven to reduce the looks of skin discoloration for visibly brighter, more even-toned skin.

Why I like it… I’m based out of Florida and year-round warmer weather brings the constant need to remain protected from UVA rays and UVB rays.  (Regardless, of where you live, sunscreen use can help prevent skin cancer by protecting you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays).  The Neutrogena Naturals Brightening Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 25 provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, which is so important to have protection on your skin before applying anything else on top.  The moisturizer has a refreshingly clean smell and glides lightly when applying to skin.  After using a few weeks, there was a noticeable brightness and evenness to my skintone.”

Its a real benefit of time and savings to use a skincare line that is suitable for all skintypes, even those with extra sensitive skin.

Don’t let your skin stress this holiday season!
Use Neutrogena Naturals!

For more information, visit neutrogena.com

Facebook: facebook.com/neutrogenaUS

Twitter: @Neutrogena



Disclosure: This is sponsored content on behalf of Neutrogena. All thoughts and opinions stated here are clearly my own.





Boppy Bloom Skincare Collection Review by a Doula Mami

Hello fellow Momma tribe! I hope this blog entry finds you well and enjoying your summer. My kids are already reaching that stage where everything is “boring” and this mom is one hot mess trying to figure out how to keep all four of my littles preoccupied while not losing my mind. My kids had great teachers this year that really stretched them academically and I am finding myself woefully inadequately under stimulating their minds. Meanwhile I am now 28 weeks pregnant too (in the Florida heat) and waddling around finding myself feeling every ounce of this pregnancy.

Speaking of pregnancy, my belly is what is on my mind this week. I was sent a LOVELY care package from Boppy, the company that makes the brilliant nursing pillows. They have a line of pregnancy care products called Boppy Bloom that I get the privilege of reviewing for you all!

Boppy Bloom Skincare Collection

Now to start off, I have to say, I am a natural girl at heart and when I saw the bottles I was sent I did look down my nose a bit. They have three products for stretch marks which range from lotion to body butter to oil. Each had a basic list of typical ingredients I would use individually on my skin. Nothing I haven’t tried or heard of: Shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E etc. So I went into this review thinking, “Yea, ok Boppy, we’ll see…”

I have to say that the stretch mark line of products rock!
I was incredibly surprised!

I have few stretch marks, but am seeing more this pregnancy than the previous. I took a few pictures to illustrate for you how good this stuff is. I do a slathering of the Boppy Bloom Strech Mark Cream daily. After showers I would use the Boppy Bloom Whipped Belly Butter. Finally, being the doula I am, when I listen to my baby on my personal fetal Doppler I whip out their Boppy Bloom Renewing Body Oil to use as a conductor instead of sonogram jelly.

Within the first couple of applications my stretch marks WENT AWAY!
Yes, went AWAY!

When you look really close you can still see the faint lines, but the ugly purple marks faded faster than I am hoping high waisted jeans will be in fashion. I couldn’t believe it!!! Check out the before and after pictures for yourself. I tell you I can’t make this up.



As far as the actual products I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed them. Due to the fact that I like a natural soft scent, the pretty prefume smell of the products were a little overpwoering for me. However, Boppy Bloom Skincare Collection are true to their ingredients because I can still smell the undertone of cocoa butter in their whipped body butter. It made me feel better knowing I wasn’t slathering on a bunch of junk – just good stuff. For my preference, I would enjoy a more all-natural fragrance.  After seeing some reviews online, about the stretch mark product, there are others who prefer the all-natural smell as well.  Yet, when my friend came over right after I applied the cream one day, she complimented me on my “perfume”. It’s a pretty smell, but definitely strong for those who might have smell sensitivity.

I give this line two thumbs up and that’s saying a lot considering I am a smell person. The lotions are so good I don’t care about the smell. It’s like wearing a chapstick. It may not smell like you want but it sure does the trick.

Now to the Boppy Bloom Soothing Breast Balm. I would recommed using during pregnancy but to stop using after the baby arrives.   The reason I say to stop using after birth is because the first ingredient is Castor Oil which is a natural laxative.  This means to use this product as intended I have to wipe it off before each nursing session. It is supposed to replace the old school Lanolin for sore or cracked nipples. I have had both sore and cracked nipples with each baby and I gotta say this stuff isn’t my cup of tea. It’s nice and its working but to remove it before nursing every two hours is a lot of work for an already tired new mom.

The Bobby Bloom Soothing Breast Balm is doing a nice job before baby though of softening my tissue area so that I have supple skin to latch onto. It is very soft and not nearly as sticky as lanolin, so if you’re in the market for a better option then try it.

If you want the natural method, then just express breast milk, rub that in and air dry the area.

Overall, I was happy with the entire Boppy Bloom Skincare Collection and would recommend it to all my fellow pregnant mamas!

For more information, visit the Boppy Bloom Skincare Collection website at boppy.com/product-category/skincare-collection/
Facebook: facebook.com/TheBoppyCompany
Twitter: @BoppyCompany


Disclosure: As a regular contributor, I received these products complimentary in order to facilitate a media review. All thoughts and opinions stated here are clearly my own.

Taking the Time You Deserve to Care and Pamper Yourself as a Mom

As I do every Mother’s day, I begin to build up my expectations.  However, as with most things as a mom, my expectations are much greater than the outcome will truly be. I imagine breakfast in bed, followed by a day at the spa with a sunset dinner where I’ll be presented with lavish gifts of jewelry and purses.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  We build up those expectations, only to be let down.  It’s not that our family is letting us down; rather our expectations can no longer be met due to the hectic schedule and budget constraint that is family life.  But, on a day called Mother’s day…It’s time to change this.  I want mothers to help make Mother’s day (and throughout the year) all about you.  Only we know what we truly desire, so I will be letting the husbands off the hook.

By taking over special days like Mother’s Day (or any days we designate as “mom’s time or mom’s day off”) we can truly make it all about ourselves.  The only gift we need is the gift of time to pamper ourselves.  In order to be the best moms we can be, we have to learn to take some time and pamper ourselves, make ourselves happy and relaxed.  It’s time to pamper our body, mind and heart because, when we do this, we are better able to take care of our family! Ask your partner for the simple gift of time this year, several hours during the middle of the day to take care of you!

Pampering our Body
We can begin to pamper our bodies with a soak in a tub.  It is peaceful and rejuvenating.  Draw a hot, steaming bath and add some bubble bath, bath salts or essential oils to make it feel more luxurious.  You can also play your favorite music or read your favorite book.  How often do we have time to listen to non-children music or read a book of our choice?

Once you get out of the tub, give yourself a manicure and a pedicure.  This is why I love Jamberry!  It is budget friendly and requires little time, but looks great for weeks.  Break out the nail lacquer or nail wraps and give yourself a funky mani and pedi.  You can check out all the Jamberry styles on my website: cmartell.jamberry.com/us/en/

superheroes jamberry

The last thing to do for your body is something you normally wouldn’t do.  Try something new like yoga or Pilates or go for a walk by yourself.

Pampering our Mind
To pamper your mind, put on some comfortable clothes and read.  Get into your jammies and wrap up in a robe or blanket.  Sit in your favorite chair and grab that book you’ve had on your nightstand for months.

When you are pampering yourself you don’t have to ask permission on what movie or TV show to watch.  Curl up and watch that engaging chick flick or documentary you’ve wanted to watch but didn’t want to bore your spouse with.  This day is all about you, so watch what YOU want.

It’s also important to focus on our goals to pamper our minds.  Remember those things you are passionate about, but get swept aside for motherhood.  Think about that bucket list or create a bucket list.  Remember this season of motherhood is short.  Think about where you want to be in 5 year, 10 years, 20 years.

Pamper your Heart
One of the best ways to pamper you emotionally is to catch up with an old friend.  Take some time to call a girlfriend and giggle.  No Facebook or texting allowed, voice to voice contact will make your heart happy!

To complete your day of pampering you’ll want to spend time with people you love.  Plan a carry out meal in the house or to try a new restaurant.  When we surround ourselves with people we love, we will find we are more relaxed and happy.

I hope that you will find a way to pamper yourself that will make you feel relaxed and happy.  Enjoy your time. After all, you deserve not just on Mother’s Day but everyday!

massage room

God Bless Mothers!
Philippians 4:19

Create Your Own DIY At-Home Spa This Valentine’s Day With Epsom Salt

Most of the country is still fighting out its way from another massive winter snowstorm. Countless hours of digging out sidewalks, cars and front doors from heavy snow and ice makes the entire body ache. A natural pain reliever for tired and sore muscles is soaking in Epsom Salt.

The inexpensive, all-natural Epsom Salt is actually magnesium sulfate, a pure, time-tested mineral compound.  Besides being able to soothe sore muscles that ache, it has dozens of everyday benefits. It can be used to treat cold and flu symptoms, helps plants grow greener with higher yields and more bloom and can be used for anti-itch remedies for sunburn relief, poison ivy, poison oak and mosquito bites.  Even a range of crafts, such as holiday decorations can be made with Epsom Salt.  Epsom Salt can be used to make a DIY at-home spa or some creative Valentine’s Day décor. Check out the unique beauty uses on Latina Magazine: http://latina.com/lifestyle/family/mami-talks-diy-at-home-spa-epsom-salt


Read more on my weekly parenting and family column on Latina Magazine! I will be sharing advice, resources and tips for busy moms and families including fun activities to keep the family entertained and make quality time that much better.

Stay tuned for new articles at latina.com/author/joscelyn-ramos-campbell

2015 Holiday Gift Guide #MOMHolidayGifts

Upon the success of the 2013 and 2014 Mami of Multiples and Mami Innovative Holiday Gift Guide, the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide has been launched. The guide presents gift suggestions from reputable brands to major retailers i.e., Disney, Feltman Bros., GourmetGiftBaskets.com, Neutrogena, Nickelodeon, Power Rangers, Prince-Lionheart, Target, Trudeau, VTech and many more.
Joscelyn Ramos Campbell is a leading parenting, family and travel on-air spokesperson, columnist and founder behind Mami of Multiples, one of the nation’s recognized Latina American parenting and lifestyle sites. Joscelyn has been featured on numerous television and media outlets including CBS, NBC, NBC Latino, FOX, Univision, Telemundo, Huffington Post, CNBC to name a few. She is considered one of the top Latino social media stars and prominent Hispanic bloggers.
The “super-connected power mom” was named by LATINA Magazine as one of as one of the Best Latina Bloggers To Follow and Must Know and one of The 10 Best Latina Mom Bloggers on the Web. Joscelyn was selected in a joint venture by Disney and LATINA Magazine to be a Parenting and Family Columnist for LATINA Magazine.
The 2015 holiday gift guide showcases products for the home, children, women and men. Products featured will receive strong sustained visibility among consumers leading up to the 2015 – 2016 holiday season.
The 2015 holiday gift guide can be viewed as a flipbook at the following:
A portion of all products received will be donated to reputable military and family charities. The shopping guide will also be prominently displayed throughout 2016 via various news and media outlets.
View or Share the 2015 Mami of Multiples Holiday Gift Guide
as a Flipbook at http://bit.ly/MOMHolidayGifts2015
Merry Christmas
Feliz Navidad
Happy Holidays

Summer Hair and Skin Tips

Summer days are filled with fun quality time with family and enjoying trips to the beach, playing in the parks, barbeque, outdoor sporting events and more. While parents, especially mothers, worry about protecting their children from potential harmful sun rays and keeping them well hydrated during the hot summer months, mothers often forget about taking care of their own hair and skin.  The right products are essential to help keep a healthy skin and hair regimen, especially with the extra sun exposure.
Walmart is premier one-stop shop for finding beauty essentials by offering top brands, like CoverGirl and Olay.  Walmart helps to save on favorite beauty items (i.e., P&G brands – Olay and CoverGirl) with Walmart’s everyday low prices.

olayandcovergirl 4 products

Beauty and lifestyle experts recommend the following tips below on ways to keep your skin and hair in great shape this summer:
1) Protect your lips
The summer sun can dry out and cause damage to delicate lip tissue, so use an all-natural lip balm with an SPF of 15 or higher.
2) Use (light) makeup
Sunscreen is your skin’s first line of defense against harmful UVA rays, but also using loose makeup for light coverage and an SPF protection of 30-50.  Pressed powder, with light-reflecting ingredients helps to provide smooth complexion and eliminate shine from sunny weather.

pressed powder

CoverGirl CG Smoothers Pressed Powder helps minimize the appearance of imperfections for a beautiful, smooth complexion
o   Designed with AquaCurrent Science
o   Is a conditioning formula with chamomile
o   Creates a perfectly finished look that lasts
covergirl mascaraCoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara is designed to max out each and every lash, leaving you with the ultimate big-lash look
o   Has a patented volume-boosting hypoallergenic mascara formula
pencilCoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner pencil is self-sharpening and glides on easily so you get the perfect line every time
o   Includes a smudger tip
o   Gives you control and versatility
3) Wear a wide-brimmed hat
Protect your skin and hair from the sun’s damaging rays by wearing a wide-brimmed hat. The hat will also protect your scalp and prevent sunburn.
4) Take a cold shower
After a hot day in the sun, a hot shower will enhance the effects of dry skin. Take a cold shower to lower the temperature in your skin and reduce acne breakouts.

olay soap

Olay Ultra Moisture Beauty Bars are specially made with shea butter and have a creamy moisturizing lather that leaves your skin feeling clean, soft, and smooth.
o   Cleanses skin without leaving it dry (versus regular soap)
o   Cleanses gently enough for use on your face
5) Exfoliate away the dry skin
Everyone wants to have soft, supple skin in the summer, so use a sugar or salt scrub to rub away unwanted dry skin. Homemade scrubs are inexpensive and can be made from sugar or salt, olive oil, lemon juice, and your favorite essential oils. Pay close attention to the knees and elbows.
6) Dine on melons
Beautiful summer skin comes from within. Eat a lot of cantaloupe and watermelon, as they are filled with antioxidants and will help hydrate the skin. Enjoy radiant summer skin by eating a healthy diet.
7) Even out your skin tone
Use fresh strawberries to freshen up your skin tone. Cut large strawberries in half, squeeze them to release the juices, and rub them in circular motions over your face. Leave on your face for 2 – 3 minutes, then rinse. Consistent use will brighten sun and age spots to give you a more even skin tone.
8) Protect your hair before swimming
Wet hair will absorb fewer chemicals like chlorine than dry hair. Also keep hair braided or pinned up to prevent unruly tangles. Avoid a tight bun, as wet hair is susceptible to breakage when it is pulled.
To help you get your favorite Olay and CoverGirl favorites, we are offering a $25 Walmart Gift Card as a giveaway.  Enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter link below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As you are enjoying exciting outdoor summer excursions, remember to prepare your hair and skin for all of the extra sun exposure and check out Walmart for P&G products and savings!

Disclosure: The Walmart gift cards and information have been provided by P&G, however, all opinions expressed here are clearly our own.

4 Helpful Everyday Uses of Baking Soda

The country has been experiencing a terrible winter this season, and when you look at out your window and can only see a thick blanket of snow, it might seem that the frigid weather will never end. Yet, inevitably the weather will change and the warmer weather of spring will give away to brighter days.
As spring starts to bloom, the process of spring cleaning begins. What do you think of when you hear the words “baking soda?” Growing up, I remember an open box of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda was always in the door of the refrigerator. Baking Soda does more than deodorize your fridge’s funky smells or aid you in baking the perfect brownies. Check out these following four baking soda hacks on Latina Magazine: http://latina.com/lifestyle/family/mami-talks-baking-soda-uses-tips


See my weekly parenting and family column on Latina Magazine! I will be sharing advice, resources and tips for busy moms and families who are looking for fun activities to keep the family entertained and make quality time that much better.
Stay tuned for new posts at http://latina.com/author/joscelyn-ramos-campbell.

Affordable Date Nights for Parents

Date night can be occasion for couples to check out a new restaurant, go to a concert, or dance the night away at a club. It can be about creating an experience together or a time to reconnect without the kids.
Valentine’s Day is a good reminder for parents that they are more than caregivers to their children; they are individuals who can still be a romantic couple. Date night doesn’t need to break the bank or the budget.
With Valentine’s Day around the corner, see a few of my affordable date night ideas for parents on Latina Magazine: http://latina.com/lifestyle/family/mami-talks-affordable-date-nights-parents



Check out my weekly parenting and family column on Latina Magazine! I will be sharing advice, resources and tips for busy moms and families who are looking for fun activities to keep the family entertained and make quality time that much better.
Stay tuned for new posts at http://latina.com/author/joscelyn-ramos-Campbell.

How to Look Great and Still Stay on Budget

As a wife, mother and business owner, quality and affordability are important to me. Consignment and thrift stores can sometimes be an overlooked but great resource for unique and hard-to-find items.
See how you can look stylish (with designer clothes) and still save money on Latina Magazine: http://latina.com/lifestyle/family/mami-talks-how-look-great-and-still-stay-budget



Check out my weekly parenting and family column on Latina Magazine! I will be sharing advice, resources and tips for busy moms and families who are looking for fun activities to keep the family entertained and make quality time that much better.
Stay tuned for new posts at http://latina.com/author/joscelyn-ramos-campbell.