February 7, 2016

Hispanicize 2012: Bringing Brands, Latinos, Bloggers, and Social Media All Together #Hispz12 #ChevyHispz #ChevyOrlando

Mami of Multiples and Mami Innovative Media had the great pleasure of being a conference advisory board member and speaker at Hispanicize 2011 so we were happy to once again being speaking at Hispanicize 2012 on a panel about ‘Creating and Scaling up Your Blog’.  We answered many questions from new and veteran bloggers on topics related to everything from monetizing blogs to working with brands.

A sample of the positive feedback we received on Twitter about the panel and session…

Great blogging lessons from @JollyMom, @Mcontemporanea & @JoscelynRC #Hispz12
— Cristina Arango (@colombianaenCA) April 11, 2012

#hispz12 so worth it! The gals of #B101 #Multi were awesome! @eva_smith @jollymom @Joscelynrc @mcontemporanea LUV U ALL
— Sofia Echev. Keck (@SofiaKeck) April 11, 2012

Blogging 101: Focus on your writing, don’t concentrate on numbers. Valuabe info. #b101 #hispz12 # @jollymom @Mcontemporanea @JoscelynRC
— Estilo Familiar (@estilofamiliar) April 11, 2012

L to R:  @Eva_Smith, @JollyMom, @JoscelynRC and @Mcontemporanea

Hispanicize was truly an event that key brands and influential bloggers and media came together under one roof. As a multi-cultural professional, one of the many aspects that I loved about Hispanicize was that it brought so many recognizable brands and companies that were wanting to engage with the Latino and multi-cultural market.  The brands in attendance understood the value and importance of the Latino and multi-cultural consumer – there was no need to sell the Latino and multi-cultural market and community – the brands at Hispanicize already knew and wanted to connect.

You can see me speak about it on video as part of Divina from Dancing Hot Dogs Hispanicize recap below (I appear at the 2:57 mark):

Another valuable lesson was learning more in-depth about brands and companies and their history. We had the wonderful privilege of being sponsored by General Motors because of Chevy and GM in the Southeast along with Laura from Holdin’ Out for a Hero and our co-host on Chicas Chatting, Jennifer from Mami 2 Mommy.

General Motors has a long history for promoting and supporting diversity that has withstood for many years and is evident by their talented team of executives.  Alma L. Guajardo-Crossley joined GM in 1985 as a GM Engineering and Management Institute co-op student and is now the Director for Diversity Initiatives for GM.  Among her many roles Ms. Crossley is working to position GM is a company of choice for its products and services among diverse communities. Part of the Diversity Division is Araba Dowell, Group Manager of Southeast Region Communications for GM and Jocelyn Allen, Director of Regional, Grassroots, and Diversity Communications for GM.  It is so encouraging and inspiring to see such an established and well-known brand like General Motors have a corporate standard to really invest in the Latino and multi-cultural community.  GM are constantly marketing and engaging with diverse communities – they are listening to their consumers and are always coming up with creative and out of the box methods to connect and meet their consumers needs.

Photo Courtesy of Holdin’ Out for a Hero
Clockwise from left: Stephanie Camargo-Ruiz, Jennifer Hutcheson, Alma Guajardo-Crossley, Ashli Bobo, Carolina Rincon-Sato, Joscelyn Ramos-Campbell, Araba Dowell, and Laura Tellado Calderon

We had a very smooth and enjoyable ride from Orlando to Miami with the 2013 Chevy Malibu Eco that was graciously provided by GM in the Southeast for the Hispanicize trip.  Not only was it a fuel-efficient car (didn’t need to fill up the gas tank while driving from Orlando to Miami) but it had many great features that were helpful to any busy parent or professional.

Some of my favorite features were…

  • On Star Huge plus on a roadtrip. I used the On Star button and was connected to immediately to advisors who knew the exact location of the car and gave me real-time directions. Did you know that advisors can guide you to a location and you can record their verbal directions?
    1. Push the telephone button. When OnStar responds with“OnStar ready,” say “Advisor playback.”
    2. Your recorded information will play.
    3. To pause the playback, push the button again.
    4. To continue, push the button and say “Advisor playback.” OnStar will respond, “Please say play, or resume.”
    5. Say “Resume” to continue playback from where you previously
    stopped or say “Play”to start at the beginning.
  • USB – Loved the fact that I could plug my iPhone in the console area and could charge my battery and tha my music from the iPhone automatically started to play in the vehicle
  • Turn-by-Turn Color Navigation Very user friendly and easy to understand
  •  Rear Vision Camera SystemAn important feature when backing out of a driveway, especially with young children 
Some helpful information learned at Hispanicize…
Key items to include in a pitch or proposal to brands as presented by McDonald’s and VPE.
  • Background on you/your blog
    – Key data to include: blog traffic, audience, profiles, social networks, analysis
  • Objective
    – Should focus on a specific need to opportunity that your proposal will help address
  • Creative Concept
    – Describe in a simple paragraph or two the idea you want to pitch

    – Be strategic and bold; you’re selling your best creative thinking!
  • Execution
    – Clear outline of the steps/activities needed to execute your idea

    – Suggested timeline

    – Resources or assets you recommend using
  • Outcome
    – Expected results and how you’ll measure success
  • Cost Breakdown
    Fees and out-of-pocket expenses associated with the proposal
View more PowerPoint from Ted Rubin

  • We were thrilled to get a copy of  Culture Magazine which we were featured recently as their expert in their story about the ‘The Rise of Hispanic Mompreneurs‘.  The magazine is owned by The Axis Agency, an award-winning Culture Movement Marketing Agency specializing in full-service marketing and communications targeting the U.S. Hispanic and African American markets. A big thank you to Stephanie Camargo Ruiz from the Axis Agency and GM for interviewing me for the story!

Lissette Rodriguez from the Axis Agency and @JoscelynRC

Follow the conversation on Twitter at #Hispz12 and 
see the Hispanicize website at www.hispanicize.com
Twitter @Hispanicize
Looking forward to Hispanicize 2013!
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  1. Awesome post! This really confirmed in mind that I need to attend Hispanicize 2013 and start preparing for that. Thanks.

  2. Joscelyn,

    #HISPZ12 was awesome! I’m thankful for the opportunity of attending and speaking!

    The @VisitOrlando video has been floating around for a couple of days now… so funny!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Jessenia Gonzalez says:

    The Chevy Malibu looks GREAT! Will be on my car shopping list for this summer. Love the recap.

  4. Lydia y Juan - MamiVargas says:

    Awesome overview. Didn’t even know about the advisor playback feature…cool!

  5. Thanks for being such an amazing partner!! Hispz was SO MUCH fun and I’m glad we were able to spend time together. Keep up your awesome work. XO!

  6. Lissette R. says:

    YAY! It was great to meet and spend some time at Hispz! Can’t wait for next year!

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