February 13, 2016

Heathcliff, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, and More Now Available on DVD with Discount Code on TVFlashbacks.com

Growing up in the ’80s, I can remember coming home from school or watching on a Saturday morning my favorite television cartoons.  As a young girl, I loved to watch She-Ra, Jem, Rainbow Brite and I equally enjoyed watching Heathcliff, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, G.I. Joe, He-Man, Batman, and others.  Now being the mother of a teen son and toddler twin boys, I am once again watching cartoons and television shows and this time around its with my own children.  Many of today’s animated features often discuss topics that are not suited for a young audience and are not really totally family-friendly.  With the difficult economic situation, parents still need to provide entertainment for their children but can not afford to spend a lot.  Mill Creek Entertainment has teamed with TVFlashbacks.com to provide a retro-resurgence of nostalgia and discovery with DVDs of hit shows from the ’80s and ’90s at affordable prices.

From Archie’s Weird Mysteries and Heathcliff to Carmen Sandiego and Sherlock Holmes to Gadget Boy, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors and more, each of these DVDs is jam-packed with multiple entertaining episodes (plus bonus episodes) are starting at just $7.99.

Some of the quality family entertainment from the ’80s and ’90s now available on DVD are the following:

Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego – The Complete Series
The world famous thief, Carmen Sandiego, plays an intricate game of cat and mouse with teen ACME detectives, Zack and Ivy. Based on the award-winning line of educational computer games, this energizing series is rich in both excitement and education as Carmen Sandiego attempts to steal the most valuable objects in the world. 
  • Based on the top-selling Carmen Sandiego video game franchise
  • All 40 episodes of this Emmy award-winning edutainment series are available for the first time on DVD

Heathcliff – Volume One, Season 1
King of the ’80s nostalgia explosion, Heathcliff is back, ruling the neighborhood with an iron paw and a sense of adventure. When Heathcliff is not grabbing fish from the market or teasing the neighborhood bulldog, Spike, he is full of love and good will for others, despite himself.  Voiced by the legendary Mel Blanc, Heathcliff is just as you remember: fun, feisty and full of laughs and entertainment for the whole family.

  • Includes over 11 hours of crazy street cat antics.
  • Featuring the first 32 Episodes of the Saturday morning cartoon favorite.

The Best of C.O.P.S.
The members of C.O.P.S. are all extraordinary crime fighters — each one a master of a special skill, each one dedicated to the cause of justice.  The Big Boss and his gang are the roughest and most persistent bunch of criminals to challenge law and order in Empire City.  The year: 2020. The place: Empire City. The situation: Brandon “Big Boss” Babel, along with his gang of crooks, is holding the entire city under the palm of his iron hand and the Empire City Police Department can do nothing to stop him. As a last resort, Mayor Davis sends in CyberCOP Baldwin P. Vess (Codename: Bulletproof) to take him down.

  • 10 episodes from the TV series based on the popular toy line from Hasbro® C.O.P.S ‘N’ C.R.O.O.K.S.

Parents can visit http://www.tvflashbacks.com/animated-kids.html and use discount code TVFBKIDS25 to save 25% off all DVD prices!

As a special bonus from Mill Creek Entertainment and TVFlashbacks.com, we are hosting a giveaway of a set of 10 family-friendly DVDs from Mill Creek Entertainment and TVFlashbacks.com! One winner will be chosen at random from the submitted entries. An email address must be included with entries.  
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Happy Family Time!
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