May 23, 2015

Rosie Perez and All-Star Cast in Lifetime Movie Network’s “Lies in Plain Sight”

This Sunday, October 3rd at 8 P.M. EST/5 P.M PT Lifetime Movie Network will be premiering a new dramatic film called Lies in Plain Sight with Rosie Perez, Benito Martinez, Martha Higareda, Yul Vázquez, and Chad Michael Murray.

Rosie Perez “Marisol Reyes”
Listen to Rosie Perez talk about “Lies in Plain Sight” and her organization, Urban Arts Partnership

Rosie Perez (Academy Award Nominee, Do The Right Thing) and Yul Vázquez (The A-Team) are Marisol and Rafael Reyes, the parents of two daughters named Alexa and Eva.  Eva, their oldest daughter, recently committed suicide.  Martha Higareda (Street Kings) is Sofia, the blind cousin of Eva and daughter of Marisol’s brother, Hector Delgado, played by Benito Martinez (The Shield).  Eva and Sofia grew up like sisters since Sofia lived in the Reyes home for a while and the two girls were inseparable.

Benito Martinez “Hector Delgado”
Sofia is away at college when she learns of the news of Eva’s suicide.  When she returns to be with her family, she begins to search for answers regarding her cousin’s sudden suicide.  Sofia starts to question Eva’s past, including Eva’s boyfriend, Ethan, (Chad Michael Murray, One Tree Hill).
Chad Micheal Murray “Ethan McAllister”

Sofia’s inquires into Eva’s life reveals deep dark family secrets that had been hidden for years and unravel the very core of her family’s existence.

Martha Higareda “Sofia Delgado”
Watching this film affects the very center of a woman’s heart, her family.  Lies in Plain Sight brings to light the unfortunate and tragic situations that often occur within seemingly normal everyday families but are often kept secret and hidden from those outside.  In the end, the unspoken abuse and betrayal gives testament to the powerful and unconditional love of a mother and wife. review of Lies in Plain Sight

Lies in Plain Sight, is a stirring film that will connect with many viewers and is truly thought provoking. 
Lies in Plain Sight will premiere on the Lifetime Movie Network, the sister network of Lifetime Television, this Sunday at 8 P.M. EST/5 P.M. PT.

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  1. I’m SO LOOKING FORWARD to watching this movie after reading your post. Looks really worthwhile to watch. Thanks for the info!

  2. First and I don’t want to sound like a weirdo, but you have beautiful skin! Totally flawless and totally jealous. I love the YouTube review and hearing Rosie talk. Love her accent. Will be watching.

  3. I just saw the commercial today so its so cool I saw this posting today. Looks like a great movie. Thanks for the review.

  4. Thank you for writing about this new film by Rosie Perez. I heard your interview and she is amazing! Its sounds like a wonderful film of a story that needs to be told. Thank you for showcasing it.

  5. I really need to get cable. You have a great on-camera voice, really smooth and clear.

    Thank you for all the kindness and support you have shown me. I am so grateful.

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