February 9, 2016

Mom Mondays: Reaching Out to the Latino Market

Look around you–Latinos are everywhere. From entertainment to the Supreme Court, Latinos have made a significant impact on history and society.  With Latinos being the fastest growing (and soon to be) largest ethnic group in America, the Latino movement is something that can not be denied or ignored.

America’s new cultural landscape changes not only aspects of culture, but business and commerce.  Latinos, as a whole, are in essence multi-cultural.  Living and working in the United States, but still keeping close ties to their Latino roots.  How do companies approach the Latino market?  Companies, businesses, and brands need to understand the Latino consumer. Latinos are very much connected to their background, and most importantly, their families. For example, 25% of Latino elderly live with their children or other relatives based in part because of the cultural expectancy of caring for older family members within the family.  Within a household–that has a Latino primary caregiver–a husband, wife, children, grandparents, and/or other relatives can be found living in the same home.  The purchasing power is multi-faceted for the needs of adults, children, and elderly living within the same home.

Hispanic women (Latinas) in the U.S. are one of the fastest-growing online demographics and Latina women consist of some of the key demographics for brands:

  • women
  • educated
  • married
  • single
  • mothers
  • working professionals within and outside the home
  • household decision makers

The (largely) untapped Latino market holds a vast of wealth and opportunities for major brands and companies. The Latino market encompasses not only Latino products, but American based products that are being used within the Latino American communities everyday.  As the 2010 Census will show–many Latinos are second or third generation–being born and raised in the United States. These types of consumers are an extremely valuable resource for brands because not only are they part of the American shopping experience but are also incorporating Latino products (and traditions) into their daily lives. 

Latinos are online whether shopping, researching, or attaining information. They have created organizations and blogging communities that showcase a powerful network and strong online presence.  A premier example is LATISM Latinos in Social Media

LATISM is the largest organization of Social Media professionals of Hispanic origin. Their members are bloggers, twitters, social network group leaders, e-commerce owners, marketers, business professionals, and more. LATISM are creating national events, scholarships, educational, and business opportunities all while uniting Latinos via the social media realm. Many online Latinos and LATISM members can be found Thursdays at 9:00 P.M. EST on Twitter simply by using the hashtag of #latism at the end of a Twitter “tweet”.  Conducted by Elianne Ramos, engaging conversations regarding Latino social media, culture, work, business, and family are available for all.

Organizations (and Latinos) can connect with the following key organizers of LATISM:

Primary resources for businesses, companies, and brands wanting to connect directly to the Latino consumer are Latina Mami (Mommy in Spanish ) bloggers.  These educated Mamis come from a diverse professional background, including, marketing, public relations, communications, education, medical, information technology, and the federal government.  Mami bloggers have created lifestyle blogs that incorporate parenting, education, family, fashion, social media and technology issues for American and Latino families.  They are daily creating reviews of brand products; dispensing parenting, family, and household advice; and can make (or sway) the minds of the decision makers in the households across America & Latin America.

(Photo Courtesy of Manny Ruiz, Publisher, “Hispanic PR Blog” http://www.hispanicprblog.com/)

Mami bloggers have collaborated with major American & Latin American brands, because they can provide direct insight into the Latino American consumer.  Some of the most dynamic and knowledgeable Latina Mami bloggers are the following:

Additional resources to connect with Latina Mami bloggers are Blogs by Latinas and  The Top #100 Latina Bloggers where the above mentioned bloggers can also be found.

In the upcoming years, incorporating the Latino market into the business market will yield high results. Marketing, engaging, and collaborating with the Latino market is part of the future of American business.

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Joscelyn, Owner of Mami of Multiples & Mami Innovative Media

Joscelyn Ramos Campbell has more than a decade of experience as an award-winning former federal government public relations executive under the Bush and Obama administrations. The “super-connected power mom“ was recently named by Latina Magazine as one of “The 10 Best Latina Mommy Bloggers on the Web“; by CBS News as one of the “Top Bloggers in the Business“; by NBC Latino Work-Life Balance series as a “Top Latina Mom Blogger“; an Empowering Latina in the Marketing Field; by CNBC.com as a Top Latino Social Media Stars and Leading Hispanic Bloggers. She is the owner of Mami Innovative Media and founder of Mami of Multiples, one of the nation’s leading Latina American parenting and lifestyle sites offering resources and helpful tips for families. She is a nationally syndicated Parenting Columnist and co-hosts a Talk Radio Show. Joscelyn is a public speaker, military wife and mother to a teen son and identical twin boys. Connect with Joscelyn at @JoscelynRC & @InnovativeTalk.

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    Joscelyn, you have provided a very insightful and resourceful post for businesses on the importance and value of the Latino market. Another great posting!

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    Wow! I didn’t realize there were so many Latina bloggers out there.
    That is so awesome! Thanks for keeping me informed.

  3. Companies would be smart to recognize the power of the Latino market and household. Awesome post!

  4. Excellent post Jocelyn. It’s great that companies are starting to forge relationships with us latina bloggers and recognizing our influence.

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